My Father's Shadow

a memoir of faith, adventure, and healing from sexual abuse

Dedicated. Driven. Determined. These words have all been used to describe Kara, but most aren't aware of the devastating past that made her this way. Beneath the facade of a family fairy tale, a horrible secret was kept. At the age of 12, Kara realized that she had repressed memories of being sexually abused.

MY FATHER'S SHADOW is Kara's revealing memoir detailing the abuse, the overwhelming struggles, and her search for a savior amid great distress. Kara writes of the joy of becoming a believer in Christ, the highs of traveling the world, and the wonder of finding healing from the abuse.

What do you do when a secretkept or toldcontinues to haunt you? What do you do when you've been betrayed? When your heart's been taken and used and thrown away? Kara's memoir provides great insight into the trauma of sexual abuse and the damage sin can cause.

A true survivor memoir, MY FATHER'S SHADOW is poised to change the face of literature on the topic of sexual abuse.

Got Milked

and other remarkable stories from early motherhood

According to Amy Poehler, "Every mother needs a wife who takes care of her and helps her become a better mother."And yet many are quite surprised to learn that most husbands make awful wives. (Note that they also make pretty rotten mothers.) That husband of yours simply cannot provide you with the same level of validation and support that Kara can. From the mom every woman would be lucky to lock down, GOT MILKED is the hilarious and candid kitchen dish out that weary, modern-day moms are desperate for.

While there are about 368 ways to approach virtually every aspect of mothering these days, moms all have this in common: They need to laugh and be encouraged. Every mom needs to be reminded that: One: Even the pregnancy unicorn can have a difficult day or two (or year). Two: Even the most anxious, sleep-deprived, lonely person postpartum can survive the first year of motherhood and ultimately remember it with fondness. Like a nasty case of the stomach flu, GOT MILKED gushes from both ends.

Dripping with honesty, humor, and "other" things, GOT MILKED is the relatable and reassuring gem that moms are dying to get their hands on.

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